PhD Viva Success – Richard Hewitt

Congratulations to Richard for recently defending his thesis and successfully securing an NIHR Clinical Lecturer position at ICL. We are all thrilled for you!

Welcoming New Lab Members

The Lloyd lab is excited to welcome new team members as we begin a new Wellcome funded research programme.

Some new and old members of the team are pictured on the left as part of a recent photoshoot c/o Imperial Photography. 

BSI London Immunology Group

Neuro-/Stromal-Immunology Meeting

Francis Crick Institute

Members of the Lloyd lab enjoyed attending this very informative meeting in person! 




Congratulations Regis!

Regis Joulia recently started a BHF funded fellowship within the Lloyd lab, investigating the interactions between mast cells and pericytes in the context of lung inflammation. Regis presented some early data from this project and won the poster prize!

October 2021

New Review by Dr James Harker and Prof Clare Lloyd 

Overlapping and distinct features of viral and allergen immunity in the human lung 

 April 2021


Review on the regulation of immune responses by airway epithelial cells

Check out the new review on airway epithelial immune responses by Richard Hewitt and Clare Lloyd!

January 2021

Review on the respiratory microbiome and epithelial interactions

Read our new review about the lung microbiome and epithelial interactions by Rachele Invernizzi, Clare Lloyd and Phil Molyneaux here:

June 2020

William MacNee Award (ERS LSC Young Investigator Award)

We congratulate our PhD student Patricia Ogger who presented her PhD workat the ERS Lung Science Conference in Estoril, Portugal, and got selected for the William MacNee Award for the best young investigator presentation. Well done! 

March 2020

European Respiratory Society Lung Science Conference 2020

Three of our PhD students got the opportunity to attend the ERS Lung Science Conference “Metabolic alterations in lung ageing and disease” in Estoril, Portugal, supported by the ERS bursary scheme.

Gesa Albers and Rachele Invernizzi presented their research as a poster and Patricia Ogger presented in the Young Investigator session.

March 2020

Science Immunology Cover of the Year

This image titled “Amoeboid Prowling by Lung ILC2s” generated by our Postdoc Franz Puttur was selected as the Science Immunology Cover of the Year 2019. 

Read the full paper on how pulmonary environmental cues drive group 2 innate lymphoid cell dynamics here:

December 2019


British Society for Immunology Congress in Liverpool 

This year’s BSI Congress has been a great outing for the Lloyd lab! Four of our PhD students received BSI travel bursaries (Gesa Albers, Helen Stoelting, Nicoletta Bruno & Patricia Ogger) and presented posters/talks. 

Our PhD student Gesa Albers won a Poster Prize for her poster presentation and Postdoc William Branchett won runner-up of the Brightsparks Postdoc competition. Well done both! 

December 2019

BALR Young Investigator Award

Congratulations to our PhD student Patricia Ogger, who has been selected as the British Association for Lung Research (BALR) Young Investigator of the Year 2019 after presenting in the Young Investigator Award Symposium at the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting! 

December 2019

Opening The Window Of Immune Opportunity: Treating Childhood Asthma

Read the new review by Prof. Clare Lloyd and Prof. Sejal Saglani about treatment options of childhood asthma here:

September 2019


 New paper out in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology!

The PhD work of our Postdoc William Branchett is finally out there!

Read all about the T-cell-myeloid IL-10 axis in a mouse model of Type-2-low asthma here:

August 2019

Julia Higgins Award

We are very proud to announce that Professor Clare Lloyd and Professor Sara Rankin have been awarded the Julia Higgins Award in recognition of their significant contribution to the support of academic women. 

The Julia Higgins Medal and Awards are awarded annually to recognise individuals, groups, and departments that have made a significant contribution to the support of academic women at the College.

June 2019

Academy of Medical Sciences elects six new fellows from Imperial College London

Professor Lloyd said: “I am delighted and honoured to be elected to the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences. It reflects the hard work and commitment of all the talented students, postdocs, fellows and colleagues I have been fortunate to work with over the years. I look forward to working with other Fellows to advance biomedical and health research, particularly helping early career researchers achieve their potential”.

Read the full article here:

May 2019

Graduation 2019

Congratulations to our Lloyd lab and IRD students who graduated today! 

Faith Uwadiae and Sarah Allden were awarded their PhD’s today and we had two prizes awarded to our MSc Immunology students: The Richard Batchelor Prize to Simone Wolf for the best Master’s Thesis and the Dean’s prize to Helen Stoelting for best overall performance. Well done everyone!

May 2019


New paper out in Blue Journal!

Adam’s first senior author paper is out online this week:

The transferrin receptor CD71 delineates functionally distinct airway macrophage subsets during Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. 

Sarah J Allden et al.

Check it out here:

May 2019

New Review out in Mucosal Immunology!

Regulatory cytokine function in the respiratory tract. 

William J Branchett & Clare M Lloyd

Check it out here:


May 2019

Can you spot us? 

We’re proud to be part of the Immunity Community! It’s great to see such creative group photos on the Immunity 25th Anniversary Cover of the April issue. Can you spot us?

April 2019

New Review out in Immunology & Cell Biology!

Airway macrophages as the guardians of tissue repair in the lung. 

Franz Puttur, Lisa G Gregory, Clare M Lloyd

Check it out here:


March 2019

Happy Holidays

Last Monday we celebrated Christmas and the end of the year 2018 with the section of Inflammation, Repair and Development of the National Heart and Lung Institute at the Queens Arms in London. It was a great party, organised by our PhD students! We thank our supporters and funding bodies for 2018 and look forward to the new year!

December 2018