William Traves – PhD Student

My PhD project seeks to understand how crosstalk between cells of the neuro-immune-stromal compartment contributes to the pathophysiology of chronic lung diseases such as asthma. To do this, I use high-dimension Imaging Mass Cytometry and spatial transcriptomic techniques to reveal the complexity of the tissue microenvironment. After completing a BSc in Biology at Swansea University in 2020, I moved to London to undertake an MSc in Immunology at ICL, with a research component being carried out in Lloyd Lab. Having thoroughly enjoyed this experience, I remained a part of Lloyd lab, embarking on a PhD in Clinical Medicine Research in 2021.

Co-Supervisor: Franz Puttur


  • Emery, H., Traves, W., Rowley, A.F. et al. The diarrhetic shellfish-poisoning toxin, okadaic acid, provokes gastropathy, dysbiosis and susceptibility to bacterial infection in a non-rodent bioassay, Galleria mellonellaArch Toxicol 95, 3361–3376 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00204-021-03132-x