Clare Lloyd – Group Leader

I am a Wellcome Senior Fellow in Basic Biomedical Sciences, Professor of Respiratory Immunology, Head of the Division of Respiratory Sciences at the National Heart and Lung Institute, and Vice Dean for Institutional Affairs in the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London.

My work explores the interactions between resident lung cells and infiltrating inflammatory cells to determine how these interactions influence development and resolution of pulmonary inflammation. We use a mixture of in vivo mouse models and in vitro culture systems using cells from patients to investigate the mechanisms underlying the pulmonary immune response to inhaled allergens and pathogens. The current focus is predominantly how the genetic background of an individual and the external environment influences epithelial-immune interactions, particularly with respect to development of allergic immune responses in early life.

I obtained a BSc and PhD in Immunology at Kings College London, and then undertook Postdocs at Guys Hospital London and Harvard Medical School, Boston. I moved to a Biotech company – Millennium Pharmaceuticals – in the USA for a while, before returning to the UK to take up a Wellcome Senior Fellowship. I have renewed this fellowship several times, most recently in 2015.


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