Helen Stölting – Postdoc

I recently completed my PhD, which was supervised by Clare and Sejal and funded by the British Lung Foundation and am currently staying on as a postdoc working on the Breathing Together study. The main focus of my research is to investigate the role of EGFR signalling in driving pathology of early life allergic airway disease. In addition, I also take an interest in airway epithelial cells and how they respond to respiratory virus infection or allergen exposure.

Originally from Germany, I did my BSc in Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Bonn, from which I graduated in 2016, and then spent a year doing various internships at Roehampton University (London), Bayer Pharmaceuticals (Berlin) and Charité (Berlin). I came to Imperial in 2017 for my MSc in Immunology and joined the Lloyd lab for my master research project on “Regulation of Immune Responses during Allergic Airway Disease by T Cell-Derived Interleukin-10 and Airway Macrophages”. Having had a great time during my MSc project, I decided to stay on for my PhD, which I started in October 2018 and finished at the end of 2022.


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