Regis Joulia – BHF Junior Research Fellow

I am BHF Junior Research Fellow from the Imperial BHF Centre of Excellence. I joined Imperial College in July 2021 after 4 years of post-doctoral research at the William Harvey Research Institute, QMUL, in the group of Prof. Sussan Nourshargh. Prior to this, I was awarded a PhD in immunology from the University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier III under the supervision of Dr. Eric Espinosa and Dr. Salvatore Valitutti in 2016.

My research is mainly focus on the early steps of inflammation response and specifically on a particular immune cell type called mast cells. These cells are critical to initiate the inflammation process and are responsible for most of allergy disorders. During my PhD, I used cutting edge imaging approaches to decipher the mechanisms of mast cell degranulation.

While in Prof Sussan Noursargh’s laboratory, I developed new mouse models to analyse inflammation responses using confocal intra-vital imaging approaches. I then moved to Imperial College to study mast cell and pericyte interaction in the context of lung inflammation.